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“True Love is Kind, Patient, Longsuffering, Willing to be Corrected, Happy to be Reproved, and Glad to Learn New Truths, which are also Old Truths: because the Truth is Eternal, even if it is New unto us.” — Truthful Sayings of Ray Walter Swangkee 

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Government / Politics

Is Democracy Reasonable??

Many People Presume that our System of Government is a PERFECT System, which needs NO Major Improvements; but, this Inspired Booklet “throws a Tom Cat into the Washing Machine,” you might say; and the Results are very Dramatic: because it Presents many Thoughts that most People have never Thought of, and no one can Honestly Deny the Truth of those Thoughts. Therefore, give yourself a Day of Rest from the Every-day Routine, and ENJOY a Booklet that is both Humorous and Enlightening to the Mind. Yes, read it ALOUD to whomever might have Spiritual Ears that can Hear, and Spiritual Eyes that can See: because it gets Better and BETTER as you read it more and MORE! In Fact, out of all of my Booklets, this is one that I would Recommend to any Person who is Undecided about WHO to Vote for in the next Election. And it is NOT some Dimwitcrat nor Reprobate like one of those Political Rabbits in Washington, District of Criminals, who have their Heads STUCK in one of those 2 Stinking Holes in the Little White BACKHOUSE, which STINKS from the Top to the Bottom with Political Donkey Dung and Elephant Droppings!

What is FREEDOM??

Hundreds of millions of People Vainly Imagine that they are Free, even though they are Tax Slaves and Interest Slaves of an Evil Capitalist Empire, which has Destroyed their Good Health and their Peace of Mind to some Degree, who are now Threatened by an Atomic Nightmare: because the so-called “Terrorists” are Determined to BURY US. Therefore, if you do not Desire to be Buried, nor be taken into Captivity by some Dreaded Enemy, you should Study this Inspired Booklet, which Reveals HOW to Obtain and Maintain True Freedom.

The Little White BACKHOUSE!

Otherwise known as The Big White OUTHOUSE, is the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, which has long been the Headquarters of Diabolical Sins Against Humanity, which are otherwise known as Uncle Sam’s Bloody Underwear: because his Political and Military Sins are Covered Up by a Colorful Cloak of Hypocrisies and Lies, some of which are Uncovered by this Fascinating Book, which should be Mandatory Reading in all Public and Private Schools: because it is very Enlightening to the Mind that has not yet been Thoroughly Brainwashed with Government LIES, which can be Discovered in almost any

The Divided States of United Lies!

The Great Divided States of United Lies is not the First Evil Empire to come to a Sudden End; but, it could easily be the Last: because the Master Farmer is bringing it all to a Dramatic End, in Order that we might all Learn the Truth about DUMBmocracy, which is a Mockery of Good Government, which does what is Right for all of the People, which makes it Profitable for People to Live on the Land that Feeds and Clothes them, while it Discourages People from Doing Evil: because no one Appreciates Tax Slavery and Interest Slavery, which are Signs of Wickedness and Corruption in Government.

Do you Pledge your Allegiance to God, or to a RAG??

Each Nation, with the Exception of One, Pledges its Allegiance to some Rag, which Supposedly Represents the Constitutional Government of that Country, Monarchy, Kingdom, or whatever it is.

Do you Belong to some CULT??

Most People Sincerely Believe that they do NOT Belong to a Cult: because they Think of a Cult as something that is EVIL, or Wrong, which has Strange Beliefs; but, this Book Proves that almost all People do Belong to one Cult or another, According to the Dictionary Definition, which most People are Unaware of: because they do not bother to Read the Dictionary.

How to Deal with Natural Disasters!

Most Leaders of the World are Perplexed with HOW to Deal with Natural Disasters, even as you would also be, if you were to Visit some Devastated Territory, just after a Hurricane, Tornado, Flood, Tsunami, Volcano, Fire, or Earthquake, which can Literally FLATTEN Houses, Skyscrapers, and Bridges; but, all of those Things are just Previews of Worse Things to Come, According to the Bible, which is a fairly Reliable Book: beCause History seems to Repeat itself. Therefore, you can Expect more and more Natural Disasters as this Age comes to an End. However, this Inspired Booklet Reveals HOW to Deal with it in a Reasonable Way, in Order to Avoid the Consequences of any Drastic Disasters during the Future; but, of course, you have to have Spiritual Ears that can Hear! In other Words, you cannot be like those Foolish Politicians in Washington, District of Criminals, who make Sure that they are Well Cared for; but, they make almost no Provisions for “we, the People,” who Support them, who now have no Means of Escaping.


David and Goliath were 2 very Symbolical Characters in Ancient Hebrew History, who came Face to Face with Mutual Hatred for one another; and Humble David put Out the Lights of Proud Goliath, who Boasted in his Size and Strength, who Trusted in his Weapons of War; but, David put his Trust in the God of Israel, even as I put my Trust in him, and Wrote this Inspired Book, which Magnifies the Words of the Bible in Plain English, in Order that everyone might Understand WHO is Symbolical of Goliath, and HOW he will come to an End!

The CRACK in the Liberty Bell and What it Means!

The Crack in the Liberty Bell is very Symbolical within the Mind of any Person who has Studied American History, which is more Thoroughly Explained within this Inspired Book, so that even Children can Understand it. However, there are certain Politicians who might Deny the Truth of it: beCause they keep making the Crack DEEPER and WIDER! Nevertheless, all Honest People, who do not have their Heads STUCK in one or the other of those 2 Stinking Holes in the Little White BACKHOUSE, in Washington, District of Criminals, will have to Agree with me that it has been a Long Time since we have Heard the Liberty Bell Ring with True Freedom, and Justice for ALL!

Seven Great Swangkee Armies of WORKING Soldiers!

Just Think, the Roman Soldiers Accomplished more in the Way of Good Works, than they Destroyed in the Way of Evil Works, even without Modern Tools, with Bad Pay, and with nothing to Inspire them, except their own Good Works — such as the Stone Aqueducts that brought Clean Water to Cities from Far Away Places, some of which are still in Use until this very Day.

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