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"O my Faithful Friend, the Ignorant Fool will Believe any Lie that Promises a QUICK Remedy for his Age-old Dietary Sins." — A New MAGNIFIED Proverb of King Solomon 


Crime / Terrorism / War


Prisons, like Revised Ancient Dungeons, are Inventions of Cruel People, who are Ignorant concerning the Right Method for Correcting Disobedient Children, who are more often than not simply Rebelling Against the Evil Empire, once they reach the Age of Accountability. Indeed, there are Various Causes for the Production of Criminals, who are now being Produced by the Multiple MILLIONS, Worldwide, mostly because of being Inspired by Hollywood and Associates; but, more Specifically by the Criminals in Washington, who Allow High Ranking Criminals to Capitalize on the Ignorance of Tax Slaves and Misguided Interest Slaves and Work Slaves. Therefore, this Book Reveals what Needs to be Done about it, in Order to Reduce the Number of Criminals, and thus Eliminate Prisons.

What PRODUCES Criminals??

Some People are Born Criminals, some are Made into Criminals by other Criminals, and still others have made themselves into Criminals by their Evil Desires. However, the Great Question is, “What can be Done in Order to Prevent the Production of more Criminals?” And the Answer to that Important Question can be found within this Inspired Booklet, which should be Mandatory Reading within all Prisons, Schools, Churches, and Government Offices: because it is Possible and most Practical for us to STOP the Production of Criminals, even as any Addict can stop using Drugs, Drinks, or Foods that he or she is Addicted to, by using the very same Cure: because it is a Universal Cure that Works Well for all People in all Situations, who are Enlightened by Means of the Words of Truth. Indeed, “you shall Learn the Truth, and the Truth will make you Free,” as Jesus Christ Revealed; but, only after we PRACTICE the Truth that we Learn, which will Cause us to Know that it is the Truth when we are set Free in all Ways.


The Great Atomic Nightmare is now Near to Reality: because Americans are Near to being Fully Ripe in their Lawlessness, being like Fruits that are Ready to ROT, you might say. Therefore, in Order for God to Save the few Fruits that are not Ready to Rot, he must Destroy those Fruits that are Ready, which he will Do by Inspiring our Enemies to Attack US! Yes, he will Raise up a Great Army Against us, and take the Remaining 10% into Captivity, after the Bombs have Dropped. Therefore, if you know of anyone who might Desire to Live for Better Days to come, and be Eyewitnesses of the Great Destruction, you should do them a Great Favor, and Share an Exact Copy of this Inspired Booklet with them: because they will Thank you; but, only after they Return from the Captivity, and Build a New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Texas! Therefore, Do unto others as you would have them Do unto you, and Give to them Fair Warning.

What would JESUS DO??

The Great Question is often Asked, “What would Jesus do, if…?” and then they Ask some Question that seems to have no Reasonable Answer. For Example, they might Ask, “What would Jesus do, if he were in President George Bush’s Position, concerning the Bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City?” Well, first of all, Jesus would never Allow himself to be Elected as a Powerless President, and therefore he would never be in that Position; but, he would do what this Special Book Teaches, which no one has Proven to be Wrong nor Unworkable by Means of Reason and Logic. Indeed, this Book Reveals HOW to Eliminate all Terrorists, Worldwide, without Firing a single Shot, for which I Offer a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to any Person who can Prove my Words of Truth to be Wrong. However, that is not to say that certain People will not have to be put to Death: because of Rejecting the Truth: because the Sword of Truth must be Used in Order to Eliminate our Enemies, including those in the Little White BACKHOUSE in Washington, District of Criminals.

HOW to CONVERT our Enemies!

There are hundreds of millions of People in this World of Wonders, who Sincerely Believe that they have the ONE and ONLY True Religion, whatever it might be; and that all other Religions are Wrong to some Degree, and Especially if those other People do not Dress like they Dress: because that Supposedly Proves that those other People must be Walking on some Forbidden Path of Unenlightened Half-Truths in the Darkness of Ignorance. Likewise, the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge Sincerely Believes that he has a Master Plan from Almighty God, which can be Used Wisely in Order to Convert all of our Enemies, and Eliminate Terrorism, Worldwide, for which Reason he Challenges anyone to Prove his Master Plan to be Wrong, and Offers a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to anyone who can Prove his Words of Truth to be Wrong! Therefore, if you are Tired of Hearing Evil Reports about Terrorists and their Evil Deeds, you should Study this Free Book, which presents some Unique Ideas.

Are you a Spiritual COWARD??

The World is Full of Spiritual COWARDS, who are Afraid to Face the Truth concerning any Number of Important Subjects, who Dread the Thoughts of being Exposed for their Belief in False Doctrines, Lies, Deceptions, and all Kinds of Evils: because it would put them to Open Shame. Therefore, they Diligently Avoid Bible Study and the Study of any Truth that might Prove them to be Wrong, including this Inspired Booklet, which goes into much Detail about the War in Iraq, in Order to Show a PARALLEL between Spiritual Cowards and Military Cowards, who Fight their Wars at Safe Distances by Means of so-called “Smart Bombs,” Long-range Guided Missiles, Army Tanks, and even Sniper Rifles — all of which are Cowards' Weapons: because Jesus Christ would Wisely Use the SWORD of TRUTH in Order to Defeat his Enemies, as you can read for yourself in the Book of Revelation. Therefore, be BOLD, and be WISE: because the Spiritual Cowards will be Gathered Together in the Valley of Decision for a Great Bloodbath, called the Battle of Armageddon: beCause of the Rejection of Truth!

Why do Terrorists HATE US??

O America, the so-called “Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave,” what will you Do with the Inspired Words of the Master Farmer, who Reveals WHY the Terrorists HATE US so much, and with a Just Cause!? Yes, what will you Do in Order to Assist your Fellowmen to Escape from the Wrath to Come, which will Fall on such a Nation of Liars and Hypocrites? This Inspired Booklet Reveals what you must Do, and you must do it NOW, before it is too Late! After all, Time is Running Short: because it is the End of the Age.

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