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“True Love is Kind, Patient, Longsuffering, Willing to be Corrected, Happy to be Reproved, and Glad to Learn New Truths, which are also Old Truths: because the Truth is Eternal, even if it is New unto us.” — Truthful Sayings of Ray Walter Swangkee 

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Square (FAIR)

A Square is Symbolical of something that is FAIR, and not especially Enlightening; but it is Useful for Learning other Truth. Once this Information is Learned, it is not something that Needs to be Studied again and again, while all Exceptionally and Extremely Good Materials MUST be Studied over and over, in Order to Thoroughly Digest them.

Chapter 2 — A Survey of your True Christian Values

I have several Surveys of Values within another Book, which contains many Surveys that are Related with Christian Values, which anyone can Study, and Check the Boxes that they Agree with, and thus Discover their own Values, which makes it one of the most Interesting Books in the World, which everyone should have to Read before Graduating from the School of FOOLS! Indeed, everyone should have to Fill Out and FILE those Surv

Dedication and Introduction by the Professor Wordcraft from the Universal College of Superior "Nolij"

This Special Booklet is now DEDICATED to whomever Doubts that their Bible contains the Last Word concerning all such Important Issues, even though the Bible has been Greatly Misunderstood, Misinterpreted, Mutilated, and even Mistranslated, whether or not it was Deliberately, Carelessly, Neglectfully, Maliciously, or Conspiratorially Mistranslated.

Chapter 5 — The Conclusion by the Professor Wordcraft

Now, if you have read this entire Book, you have no doubt Discovered that the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge has some Strange Ideas in his Head, one of which is that he Sincerely Believes that almost ALL People could become Moderately RICH, even though it is Self-evident that most People are not Mentally nor Physically ABLE to become Moderately Rich, even if they were Provided with all of the Necessary Books, Tools, Materials, and Explicit Instructions for HOW to Accomplish it: beCause they are simply too Dull-minded, being Products of Capitalism

Chapter 5 — The Conclusion

Now, I Fully Realize that most People will not Accept what I Teach, nor even Consider the Building of Swangkee Fortresses, in spite of the Fact that such Fortresses would Solve more than 5,000 Problems, including all of the Major Problems, such as Unemployment, Wars, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Land Pollution, Noise Pollution, and Mind Pollution; but, that does not Deter me from Proclaiming the Truth as I Understand it: beCause I am not Seeking Popularity, Fortune, nor Fame.

Dedication and Introduction by the Professor Wordcraft from the Universal College of Superior "Nolij"

This Unique Booklet is now DEDICATED to those hundreds of millions of Ignorant People who will SUFFER during that Great Worldwide FAMINE that is Sure to come, if we do not all Repent by Means of Fasting and Praying.

Chapter 4 — The Conclusion

Believe it or not, many Lazy People have read this Booklet thus far, and have not even Discovered what it is that makes People LAZY! In other Words, they were too Lazy to DO what I Asked them to Do: beCause they Misjudged the Importance of that Word, “DO.” Yes, to Do something Implies ACTION, which is Required, in Order to Fully Understand how to Do anything: beCause most Things, including Love, Require PRACTICE; and WHO is more Ambitious than someone who is in LOVE?

Chapter 4 — The Conclusion

Now, like all Swangkee Literature, this Inspired Booklet has taken most People by Surprise: beCause they did not Realize just how CRAZY they, themselves, are; but, now they Hopefully Realize it, and even Want to Do something Constructive, in Order to Escape from their Insanity, which is a Manmade Hell, you might say: beCause we did it to ourselves, Collectively: beCause of having DUMBmocracy, rather than a Righteous GovernMint, whose Main Duty is to Enlighten our Minds concerning all Kinds of I

Dedication and Introduction by the Professor Wordcraft from the Universal College of Superior "Nolij"

This Unique Booklet is now DEDICATED to the hundreds of millions of Crazy People in this World of Woes, who call themselves “Jews,” “Conservative Compassionate Republicans,” “Christian Democrats,” “Christian Warmongers,” “Moslems,” “Hindus,” “Buddhists,” “Shintoists,” “Baptists,” “Latter-day Saints,” “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” “Hutterites,” “Mennonites,” “Shiites,” and a hundred other

Dedication and Introduction by the Professor Wordcraft from the Universal College of Superior "Nolij"

This Inspired Booklet is now DEDICATED to whomever is SICK of their Dietary Sins, and would like to be SAVED from their Hellish Condition, even if they are too Proud to Confess that they are now in a Hellish Condition. (See: WHERE is HELL??)

Chapter 4 — Supplemental Thoughts

Whenever you Feel Stressed, as if you were about to go Insane, it is High Time to STOP whatever you are doing, and RELAX, even if you must Lose your Job: because your Life is more Important than your Work. However, if you are the Boss of some Company, it will be very Difficult to just QUIT whatever you are doing: because you do not have that Freedom.

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