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“Well, O Turtle, with a Hard Shell like you Carry around with you, it is Doubtful that any Truth will Penetrate it.” source

Star (GOOD)

A Star Symbolizes something that is Good, which is Enlightening to the Mind of someone who has never Thought about Symbology and Related Subjects. However, there is nothing within it that one could not Discover by Reading the Bible; and therefore, it cannot be Classified as Exceptionally Good: because something must be Original, in Order to be Exceptionally Good or Extremely Good.

Chapter 33 — We Deserve our Punishments

Woe to you People who Spoil, and you were not Spoiled; and Woe to you who Deal Treacherously, and they did not Deal Treacherously with you! Therefore, when you shall Cease to Spoil, you shall be Spoiled; and when you shall make an End to Deal Treacherously, they shall Deal Treacherously with you: because you Deserve all of your Punishments.

Chapter 31 — Woe to them who go Down to Egypt

Woe to them who go Down to Egypt, to the Forbidden City, for Help; and Depend on Horses for Defense, and Trust in Chariots  just because there are many of them, and in Horsemen  just because they are very Strong; but, they do not Look unto the Holy One of Israel for Help, neither do they Seek the Will of the Supreme Rulerbecause they Trust in themselves and in their own Worldly-wisdom!

Chapter 30 — Woe to the Rebellious Children

Woe to the Rebellious Children, says the Supreme Ruler, who take Counsel; but, not from me, and who Cover themselves with a Covering; but, not of my Spirit: so that they might add Sin to Sins  who Walk with Pride, down into Egypt, and have not asked for Wisdom from my Mouth, who Strengthen themselves with the Deceptions of Pharaoh, who Trust in the Fading Shadow of Egypt, and who Look toward Idols for Guidance!

Chapter 25 — Praise for God

O Supreme Ruleryou are my God, my Ruler, my Savior, and my King; and therefore, I will Exalt you, I will Lift you up among the Children of Men, and I will Praise your Holy Name: because you have done Wonderful Things  yes, your Counsels and Good Instructions are True and Faithful from Ancient Times: because your Words are better than Gold, and more Pure than fine Silver; and your Promises are Good unto all Generations, unto whomever puts their Trust in you, and Obeys you.

Chapter 23 — The Burden of Tyre

This is the Burden of Tyre. Howl, O you Ships of Tarshish: because Tyre is laid Waste, so that there is no House left therein, and no entering into it  from the Land of Chittim it is Revealed to them.

Chapter 20 — Isaiah Walks Naked for 3 Years!

During the Year that Tartan came to Ashdod (when Sargon the King of Assyria sent him), and Fought against Ashdod, and took it; at the same Time the Supreme Ruler spoke to Isaiah the Son of Amoz, saying: “Go into your House, and loose the Sackcloth from off of your Loins, and put off your Shoes from your Feet, and Walk Barefoot and Naked for 3 Years among the Lands of Egypt and Ethiopia.

Chapter 17 — The Burden of Damascus

This is the Burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken Away from being a City, and it shall be a Ruinous Heap of Ugly Rubble. The Cities of Aroer [u-ROO-er] are Forsaken  they shall be for Flocks, which shall lie down there, and none shall make them Afraid.

Chapter 14 — Israel shall Rule

However, the Supreme Ruler will have Mercy on the Descendants of Jacob, and will still Choose Israel to Rule the Nations, and to set them up in their own Land for that Purpose; and the Strangers who Love the Truth shall be Joined with them, and they shall Cleave to the Household of Jacob for the Sake of Truth and Wisdom.

Chapter 13 — The Sinners shall be Destroyed

This is the Burden of Babylon, which Isaiah the Son of Amoz saw. Lift up a Banner on the High Mountain, Exalt your Voice unto them, Shake your Fist at them: so that they might go into the Gates of the Nobles. I have Commanded my Sanctified Ones, I have also called my Mighty Ones for the Revenge of my Anger, even those who Rejoice in my Highness.

Chapter 20 — Ubethunee Speeks

8) Now, after awl uv thooz Peepoul had Spooken hwut wuz on their Miindz, wun uv thu Wiivz uv King Solumun, kawld, Ubethunee, sed: “Wee hav u litoul Sister, and shee haz flat Brests: soo hwut shal wee dq foor ower Sister dering thu Daa hwen shee shoud bee Spooken foor? Neether iz her Faas soo Buutifoul az yoorz, oo Dawterz uv Jurqsulem: soo how wil shee Utrakt enee Man, seeing that uu hav set yoor Miindz on LOUKS, oonlee, oo Sunz uv Jurqsulem? If shee wer u Wawl, wee woud Bild u Pritee Palis uv Silver on her; but, shee iz not u Wawl.

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