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“Well, O Turtle, with a Hard Shell like you Carry around with you, it is Doubtful that any Truth will Penetrate it.” source

What are the GIFTS of God??

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How to Obtain the Gifts of God!
Do you have a Gift from God??
Can all of God's People have Gifts like Moses and Elijah had??
What is more Precious than the Gifts of God?

The True Gifts of God are not for Sale at any Price, nor can just any Person Obtain them: because they are Reserved for Holy People, who have Pure Minds and Clean Bodies, who are Humble and Honest, who have Faith in the Inspired Words of Jesus Christ, who did all Kinds of Miracles and Wonders, in Order that we might Know that he was the Person whom he Claimed to be, even the Chosen Son of the Most High Ruler, who came into this World with Authority, in Order to Announce the Future Kingdom or Government of God. Therefore, if you Owe your Allegiance to that Good Government, why are you Committed to Serving a False government, O Man of Greater Faith, which does not even Capitalize the Word, "Government"? Otherwise, if you are not Committed to that False government, why are you not Blest with at least one of the Gifts of God, who has Work for you to Do; but, only if he Calls you for it, and Chooses you: beCause of Finding you Worthy of it?


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These are Precious Gifts that could only come from God

These are Precious Gifts that could only come from God

Not even by all Means of Modern Science could People make anything nearly so Beautiful as God's Natural Rocks, none of which are Exactly Alike, which makes each one Unique and Precious, which only Requires Cutting and Polishing, such as the Onyx Pieces that are Pictured above here. Likewise, the Spiritual Gifts of God are all Unique and Special for whomever has them, and I just Happen to have one of the Greatest Gifts, Thank God, or else the People of the World would be in BIG Trouble: beCause they would have no Idea HOW to Actually Solve their Massive Problems, for which I just Happen to have Reasonable Solutions by the Gift of God. Nevertheless, the Lady Doubtfulness is Unwilling to Prove it, and Mister Lazy Unbelief is Unwilling to even Read it. Shame on them; but, Double Shame on whomever Reads this Inspired Book and then Mocks it, without Proving it to be WRong: beCause he or she will never Enter into the Treasure Chest of the Great King, nor Converse with the Holy Angels, nor even Discover all of the Gems of Truth within the Treasure Chest of the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King's Mountain, Kentucky 40442 U.S.A. Therefore, do not Deny yourself of the Awesome Tale of the Peacock, which can only be Fully Understood in the Light of Good Understanding; but, Cling to the Rope of Hope, which is otherwise known as the Scriptures or Sacred Writings: beCause it is the only Way Out of the Bottomless Pit of Materialistic Selfish Greed, which is a Deep, Dark, Awful Place to be. Yes, come Out and Into the Light of Truth, so that you can Understand almost all Mysteries, and Discover Reasonable Solutions for your own Personal Problems: because they are Available.

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"O my Son, whatever the Gifts of God are, you would do Well to Seek them: beCause they are so much Better than the Gifts of Vain Men."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, God is more Generous than you might Imagine, who can Bless you; but, only if he Favors you for your Righteousness, which he Judges to be far more Valuable than Silver and Gold." — Proverbs of the Peacock