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Should we OBEY our Elders??

Alternate Titles: 
Should Old Men OBEY their Spiritual Elders??
Would Holy Moses OBEY Jesus Christ?
Should Children OBEY their Older Children??

We read in the Scriptures that Children should Obey their Parents, According to Deuteronomy 21:15—21, which is Obviously the Best Order; but, only IF those Parents are Obedient to their Heavenly Father, who has Blest some of us with more Understanding than others, who are also Spiritual Elders, you might say, who have more Experiences in Things that Matter the Most. After all, there are any Number of Childish Occupations, which Waste People’s Lives; but, the Important Occupations are often Neglected, at the Great Expense and Loss of the True Riches, one of which Follows those Humble People who Wisely Submit to those Spiritual Adults who are Closer to God, even if they are Younger, as in the Case of Aaron Submitting to Moses.

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11. Defective Potatoes dug up by Vern, my Elder Brother, with Explanation

11. Defective Potatoes dug up by Vern, my Elder Brother, with Explanation

This is my Brother Vern, after digging up the Potatoes that are seen in the Baskets, all of which are Defective "Liberals": because the Fire Ants made little Meals on them: perhaps because that Ground that they were Grown in was not Treated with Sufficient Minerals. However, by peeling them deeply, before cooking them, the Ant Bites had no Negative Effect on the Flavor of them, which were more Flavorful, for some Mysterious Reason, than the more “Perfect” Conservative Potatoes: perhaps because that Land had Rested for many Years. Notice the Sweat and Oil on Vern’s Hat, which you can see a Closer View of in the previous Photo. Also, notice Vern’s Pet Cat, who is looking out from between Vern’s Legs, and has his Tail hanging on the Basket of Potatoes. That Cat has only Purred just one Time since he was Born, even though his brothers often Purred from the Time that they were Born; but, they are now gone away, while this one remains. His name is Fuzzy. (UPDATE: Fuzzy got ran over and Killed on the Highway: because he was not within the Protective Walls of a Conservative Swangkee Hotel, Castle, nor Fortress!)

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“O my Son, no one likes to Obey any Person whom he or she does not Respect nor Love; and therefore, it is Difficult for most People to Obey God: beCause they have not even Met him, let alone Learn whatever he Asks of them.” — A Proverb of the Peacock


“O my Spiritual Daughter, if you do not Respect and even Love your Creator, it Means that I have Failed to Teach to you the Truth about him, in Order that you might get to Know him.” — Another Proverb of the Peacock