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“DEMOCRACY is Hailed among Western Civilizations, and Especially in the Divided States of United Lies, as the “Political Salvation of Mankind”: beCause, if anyone Objects to how their Government is Managed, rather than Shoot the King, they can Run with a Big Bag Full of Money, in a Political Race to the Little White OUTHOUSE, which Reeks with Ancient Elephant Droppings and Fresh Political Donkey Dung, which alone would Cause Jesus Christ to turn up his Nose at the whole Idea! P.U.!”

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— Ray Walter Swangkee

Looking for a JOB!

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Why are so many People UNEMPLOYED?? (An Investigative Report)
Countless Jobs are NOW Available!

Hundreds of millions of Poor People in this World of Woes are Presently Unemployed for Various Reasons, as it has always been for a certain Percentage of the Population since People became “Civilized”: because of the Nature of the Cities of Confusion, which are not Designed for Eternal Employment; but, this Inspired Booklet Offers a Real Solution for that Massive Problem, which no one has Proven to be Wrong by Means of Reason and Logic. Moreover, it also Offers much Spiritual and Physical Advice, which could Save us hundreds of Billions of Dollars, if we just Practiced it. Therefore, whether or not you are Unemployed, this Booklet will be of Special Interest to you: because it is just a Matter of Time before the Great Tribulation will come, and everyone’s Faith will be Tested to the Maximum: because of the Masses of People Rejecting the Great Truth that is Revealed within this Unique Booklet without a Just Cause. Therefore, they Deserve to be Looking for a Job!

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What would be Required for Causing this Person to go Looking for a JOB?

What would be Required for Causing this Person to go Looking for a JOB?

 A Homeless Son of a Capitalist is Sleeping on a Park Bench near Saint Paul's Cathedral, in London, England

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"The Rich Man's Wealth is his Strong Fortified City; but, the Destruction of the Poor People is their Poverty.” — A Proverb of King Solomon, Chapter 10:15

"O my Son, it is Extremely Easy to Invent New Jobs; but, Paying for the Hired Help is the Big Problem in the Present False Economic System, which Relies on Slave Labor and Collecting Taxes, while Swangkeenomics Avoids all of that, and makes it Possible for all Hardworking People to become Moderately Rich, just by their Labors, alone!" — A Proverb of the Peacock