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"O my Open-minded Son, Hear my Voice with your Inner Ears, and pay Strict Attention to my Lovable Words of Enlightening Truths: because many Ignorant Fools have ASSUMED that their Vain Traditions are Correct, just beCause they have been used to Following them." — A New MAGNIFIED Proverb of King Solomon 

Before you Commit Suicide, TRY FASTING!

An Average of 780,000 People Commit Suicide each Year within this World of Woes, and Millions of People ATTEMPT to Commit Suicide, while hundreds of millions have Thought about doing it; but, they never got Bold Enough in Order to Try it, or were simply not Pushed over the Edge, you might say. In other Words, Suicidal People are quite Common, even though they are a Minority. However, I can Personally Think of Several People who would do the World a Great Favor, if they “Tied a Millstone to their Necks, and Cast themselves into the Ocean of Forgetfulness for the Benefit of Mankind,” as a Paraphrased Version might read. Nevertheless, this Inspired Booklet presents the Causes and the Cure for Suicides, which will probably Surprise you; but, at the least it will Encourage you to Live: because there is much to Live for, and the Future is a very Bright one for all Believers. Therefore, have Faith in the  Words of Truth, and do not Doubt that there is a Way of Escape from your Miserable Situation, even if you are Old and Bedridden with some Disease. In Fact, I Offer a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to anyone who can Prove my Words of Truth to be Wrong.

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Horse-powered Ambulance

Horse-powered Ambulance

Imagine Riding 20 Miles to Town on this "Ambulance"! 

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“O my Son, before you Jump Off of the Bridge between Life and Death, you should Understand that God Loves you and Desires to Save you: beCause he Created you; but you have Disobeyed his Dietary Laws, and have Eaten Unnatural Foods for People, and have therefore made yourself Depressed, while all around you there are Multitudes of Wild Animals who have no History of ever Committing Suicide for any Reason.”

“O my Spiritual Daughter, if you Feed Junk Foods to your Ignorant Children, you can Expect them to be Unhealthy, and therefore Unhappy with themselves and with others; but, if you Feed to them the Sweet Fruits from the Trees of Life, you can Expect them to be Healthy and Happy, and never Think of Committing Suicide.”

 — Proverbs of The Peacock