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“For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”

Why Vote for One of 2 or 3 WRong Political Parties??

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The Need for Elections does not Always Produce Trustworthy Candidates!
Would Jesus Christ Vote for One of 2 or 3 WRong Political Parties, or Form a New Party that almost Everyone can Love?
Should Potential Political Leaders be Forced to Fill Out, File, and Post their Surveys of their Personal Values on the Internet?
Should the Details of a Politician's Solutions for our Massive Problems be Mandatorily Published on the Internet for Everyone to Study?
Have American Voters been Totally Deceived??
Is it Possible to Uproot the Entrenched FALSE Political Parties in America, which do NOT Represent the Better Interests of the People?
Can Americans be Rescued from Lying Politicians??
How much Time would you Devote to Studying a Provable GOOD Plan for a New RIGHTEOUS Government?
There is more than One Way to Skin the Cat, even without a Knife!
Who can Fight Against the Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth?

Before you Vote for one of 2 or 3 WRong Political Parties, be Sure to Study this Enlightening Book, which will most likely Discourage you from Voting for another Dimwitcrat, Reprobate, or Independent Jackass; but, not from Demanding the Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court Hearing, at which Time everyone in the World can Learn the Truth about a New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint, which simply Mints and Prints the Necessary New Money — NOT to GIVE AWAY, as some Ignorant Politicians might Do; but, in Order to Use that Money WISELY, in Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and Able to Learn and Work, According to a List of $wangkee Wages, in Order to Do all Kinds of GOOD Works, such as the Building of Beautiful Planned City States, called: Swangkee Lowtels, Hightels, Castles, and Fortresses, which have more than 248 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building them and Living within the Borders of them! Therefore, by Joining one of Seven Great Swangkee Armies of WORKING Soldiers, every Honest Hardworking Person in the World can get Moderately Rich, just by Means of their Labors, alone, without Borrowing any Money, without going into Debt, without making Interest / Usury Slaves of themselves, nor Tax Slaves, Work Slaves, and Insurance Slaves of themselves: beCause we now have TOOLS and HEAVY EQUIPMENT that can be our Slaves, which Tools will never Grumble, Riot in the Streets, nor Complain about anything, as Unhappy Poor People might Do, who might even Burn Down all such Present-day Cities of Confusion, if they get Poor Enough! After all, People can only Tolerate X-amount of Political MADNESS! Moreover, if my Unique Plan is Followed, every one of those Members of the Swangkee Associations of Working Soldiers may Retire within a Beautiful $wangkee Palace, after only 6 Years of Common Labor, According to my Provable Master Plan, which is Inspired by Almighty God, who has Blest me with a Special Gift to Reveal New, Unheard of Truths, until now! In Fact, you only Need to VOTE for The GOAT, who is your Scapegoat, or the one whom you may Blame for whatever goes WRong, after Electing ME to be your New RIGHTEOUS KING! Indeed, I Challenge any other Person on this Earth to Present as many Reasonable and Acceptable Solutions for our Massive Problems as I Present on my Website, Free of Charge, while Offering a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to anyone who can Prove by Means of Reason and Logic that my Solutions are WRong or Unworkable! Therefore, if you are Sick of Voting for a Donkey or an Elephant, you might Consider Voting for a GOAT — except that a Goat does not have as much Sense as a Jackass; but, you may Blame that Scapegoat for whatever goes WRong: beCause, unlike Dimwitcrats and Reprobates in Washington, District of Criminals, I will Accept FULL Responsibility for whatever Happens, after you put me in Command of that New RIGHTEOUS One-World Government, which uses the Famous and Dreaded Mark of the Beast, in Order to get Control of our Tax Money, and Stop Wasting it on Government Nonsense — such as Border Patrols, the so-called War on Drugs, Terrorism, etc., etc.!

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A Collapsed Ceiling

A Collapsed Ceiling

This Collapsed Ceiling in a half-million-dollar American Mansion is the Results of a Fundamentally BAD Construction Plan, which Cost the Owner thousands of Dollars to Repair. Likewise, the American Political Experiment with 2 or 3 WRong Political Parties has its own "Collapsing Ceiling," which will Cost American Tax Slaves, Insurance Slaves, and Interest Slaves TRILLIONS of Dollars, in Order to Repair the BIG MESS — that is, IF it is even Possible to Repair it? After all, a Tornado could easily Strike this entire House, and Totally Ruin it! Likewise, the Great False Economy could easily CRASH!

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"O my Son, before you Vote for another Dimwitcrat, Reprobate, or Independent Jackass, just Consider the Fact that we have been Voting for them for the Past 200 Years and more, while everything seems to be getting Worse and WORSE: beCause none of those False Political Parties have any Reasonable Solutions for our Massive Problem."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, before you Vote for another False Political Party, please Consider the Fact that you could be Living within a Beautiful Swangkee Stone Domehome within only 6 Years of Common Labor, such as Cleaning House and Washing Dishes for your Newly Elected Righteous King, who will Do what is Right for ALL People, Worldwide, who Deserve Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL!" — Proverbs of the Peacock