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"O my Faithful Friend, the Ignorant Fool will Believe any Lie that Promises a QUICK Remedy for his Age-old Dietary Sins." — A New MAGNIFIED Proverb of King Solomon 


248 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building and Living within the Borders of Beautiful Planned City States!

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The Greatest Idea of the Past 1,000 Years!
An Ancient Idea that Must be Revived in Order to Save Mankind from Self-destruction!
5,000 Good Reasons and Great Advantages without any Great Disadvantages!
The Design of a City Makes the Difference Between Poverty and True Prosperity!
How to Raise your Standard of Living by at Least 10 Times, without Sacrificing Anything but your Pride!
Endless Employment for Whomever Wants to Earn First Class $wangkee Wages!
Whatever Nation Accepts this Wonderful Idea will Greatly Enrich Itself!

Few Things on this Earth have so many as 40 Advantages for making them and using them, and even then those Things often have many Great Disadvantages. For Example, a Car or Automobile has the Advantage of getting you to Work quite Quickly and Efficiently; but, it also has the Great Disadvantage of being Able to KILL you just as Quickly and Efficiently! However, Profitable $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses have more than 5,000 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building them and Living within the Borders of them, with NO Great Disadvantages! In other Words, they are an Invention of the Master Architect, Himself, who alone could Think of such Cities with so many Advantages, from which you may Choose any 248 Advantages that you like best, and just Ignore the rest, if you do not like them! Therefore, before any Person should make the Mistake of Mocking such Beautiful Planned City States, and thus make a Fool of him or herself, he or she should Study this Enlightening Book: because it is Wrong to Speak Evil of that which is Good and Reasonable: because you could possibly end up in a Hellish Place like Iraq, even if you had to be Born on some other Earth of a Lower Order within the Marvelous House of the Vast Universe! Remember that God has all of Eternity to get his Justice, and to Teach to us certain Good Lessons. Therefore, do not be Rebellious and Full of Unbelief: because it is Possible for every Person on this Earth to become Moderately Rich within the Borders of Beautiful $wangkee Fortresses!

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28. "Heaven on Earth"

28. "Heaven on Earth"

Almost everyone in the World would like to have this Grand View from their Living Room Picture Window, and do not even Realize that it is Possible to have an even Better View for everyone who Wants it, just by Building Beautiful Planned City States, one of which is called: A SIXTH Swangkee Hightel, Castle, and Fortress! Indeed, such Beautiful Cities would be made in Tall Terraces by Means of Solar-powered Electric Swangkee Elevators and Marble-faced Lighted Tunnels for Swangkee Electric Trains, stepping Upward by 100 to 200 feet at a Time to as much as a Mile or more High from Sea Level, in Terraces that are hundreds of feet Wide, and Covered with Fruit Trees, Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, Swangkee Fruit Tree Houses, Swangkee Stone Domehomes and Homecraft Workshops with Gardens on the Roofs, $wangkee Palaces, Waterfalls, Indoor Swimming Pools, Underground Shopping Mauls, Huge Cisterns for Water Storage, Swangkee Covered Highways with Solar-electric Panels on Top of them, and HUGE Wind Generators at the very Tops of the Hightel, Castle, and Fortress: beCause the Wind would almost be Guaranteed to be Blowing up there, 24/7, by Reason of the Shape and Height of the Fortress! Indeed, if you Doubt it, just go up onto the Top of some Mountain like this, and check it out for yourself. Otherwise, ask a Mountain Climber.

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“O my Son, he who Judges any Subject, before he has Learned ALL of the Evidence, is not Wise: because he cannot Judge Fairly; but, he who is Truly Wise, Weighs all of the Evidence in the Balance of Truth and Justice; and therefore, he comes to the Right Conclusion.” — A Proverb of the Peacock

"O my Spiritual Daughter, before you can Honestly Judge the Value of Swangkee Fortresses, you would Actually have to Live within one for a certain Length of Time, and thus Understand how it Works, which would Naturally Require Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, and PATIENCE: beCause that is the Way that all Good Things are Obtained. However, there are at least a Thousand KINDS of Swangkee Lowtels, Hightels, Castles, and Fortresses, which must be Built by Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, and PATIENCE: beCause 'Rome was not Built during a Single Day,' as they say." — Another Proverb of the Peacock